Military Family Commemorates Soldiers at Garden of Memories Cemetery

Veterans all over the world are still honoring fallen soldiers.

Each year military families travel to visit their loved ones.


Every year the Overton family purchases 500 flags to place on the graves.

They travel to the Garden of Memories cemetery to pay their respects.

Each family member placed flags on the graves of these forgotten soldiers.


Lisa jones leads the local chapter of the Jaffa Shriners organization.

She works with Jaffa to serve people in community projects.

On Memorial Day, they honored soldiers at the national cemetery.

Placing flags on these graves ensures these African American soldiers are not forgotten.

She is proud to place a flag in front of her father’s grave who served in the Vietnam War.


Lisa knows too well the sacrifices her father made.

Her father served in the army for 26 years.

She takes care of her father’s grave and hopes others will follow her lead.


Serving your country means being a part of something greater than yourself.

Honoring these soldiers is rewarding to the Overton family and gives them a sense of pride.


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