Michael Vick visits Grambling State, speaks at football awards program

Contrary to popular belief, the game of football is always bigger than football. 

“Being committed to excellence. Doing your job on a day to day basis, being committed to it and being 100% focused in everything you do. Not just on the field but off the field, something along those lines. I think as football players they’ll understand that you have to wake up everyday and be competitive and be a go-getter and be ready to go get it.”

Having been away from Louisiana since his pro days in the league and soaking in the Grambling history in the Eddie G. Robinson Museum, Vick felt nostalgia being on a college campus. But being a former student at Virginia Tech, it felt different to walk the halls of an HBCU. 

“I’ve learned being more educated today about this school, this program, Eddie Robinson than I’ve ever known and it’s just a blessed day and I’m honored to be here.” 

As of recent, Michael has fulfilled many speaking engagements and he says that his main message is how to be a leader. Something he knows all too well. 

“I just want to try to convey the best message that I can and being able to speak at so many colleges and so many schools whether its high school or college for them to be able to pay attention to detail, ask questions, great questions at that and being very precise in their answers and precise in what they want to do moving forward decisions makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. I’m just trying to continue to be a future leader. A leader in my own right because that’s what I’m used to doing.” 

As for the Tigers, the season may have not ended how they wanted it to but its all about how you whether the storm.