Menard’s Kaylee Futrell signs to play for Belhaven soccer

Kaylee Futrell put the pen to paper to sign with the Belhaven soccer team.

A big influence on her decision, she’ll be reuniting with her sister, Emily.

“Just going up there and seeing her and meeting all the teammates and coaches, they were really nice. Seeing her grow and become her own person and getting out there and meeting new people, it really influenced me.”

Kaylee faced some adversity this season, dealing with COVID exposure and injury, so she’s been in and out.

But, in the midst of everything, she finished the season with a goal next to her name.

She says she hopes the legacy she leaves behind with this team is to never give up.

“I hope I leave behind a legacy of not being afraid to do something that you want to do and to always push for your goals and to never give up.”