Men Plead Guilty to Home Invasion of Catholic Priests

class=”alignleft wp-image-29736″ style=”margin: 4px;” alt=”Guilty Plea” src=”” width=”192″ height=”144″ />5 men plead guilty to a home invasion, which ended with one Catholic priest being shot and the other being beaten.

They are 18 year old Cornelius Wilson, 17 year old Paul Clark, 18 year old Ashunti Pearrie, 23 year old Larry Dulbert Junior and 16 year old Jadarius Davis, all of Alexandria.  The crime happened in August of last year, and both priests recovered.
Wilson, Clark and Davis are also charged with attempted murder.  The home invasion charges are leveled at all except Davis.  Sentencing will be June 28th.

KLAX ABC 31 News 6/18/13