Mayor Gail Wilking featured on episode of Small Town Podcast

Mayor Gail Wilking is the featured guest on an episode of Small Town Podcast with host Mayor Matt Seale of Ocilla, GA. The episode was released on Monday, September 19, 2022.
Small Town Podcast Host Mayor Matt Seale travels to a small town in central Louisiana that is pretty young as far as towns go, but has plenty of festivities for you to enjoy. In this episode, go with Mayor Matt to Ball, Louisiana, to speak with Mayor Gail Wilking, a woman who wasn’t too excited about living in Ball when she first settled in but has made it her home, and now she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world. This episode is sponsored by the Louisiana Municipal Association and Louisiana Economic Development.
Small Town Podcast is an audio project designed to shine the spotlight on small towns that are often overshadowed in the media by the excitement and activity of bigger cities. When small towns do get attention, it is often for something less than desirable. Small Town Podcast tells the whole story of small town living and its joys and challenges.
In Small Town Podcast, Mayor Matt Seale visits other small towns and talks face to face with local leaders. The audience is given an opportunity to learn about the personalities of local officials in small towns and then hear about some of the town’s unique qualities and what it has to offer.
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