Marksville Tigers prepared for whatever the season brings

Head Coach Dunbar says, “It feels good. Our guys are just now getting back in shape with all the layoffs and we still have a ways to go. But, our guys are starting to feel better about themselves working extremely hard in the weight room and out on the practice field. I like the energy that we’re bringing.”

Returning starters, John Small and Triston Jacobs echo Dunbar with the return of being back.

“It feels good, we been out for like two months.”

“We get to work, come back and be better. It’s been a little struggle with the coronavirus but we’re working through it.”

Dunbar says that the safety protocols are necessarily easy for the team but the upside is that it allows more attention for the younger guys.

“Well, it’s not easy. Obviously, we’re separated into groups which we haven’t had to do in the past. However, the good thing about it is it’s really given us an opportunity to hone in on some of our young guys and give those guys a lot of repetitions because we’re already broken up into smaller groups.”

As the winningest coach of the program, no doubt that Coach Dunbar knows a lot about preparation. So, when asked about a possible push-back to the season, he says he’s all for it.

“I think there’s a great possibility we might push-back and if we do, I’m not mad. I’m all about preparing kids. Everybody wants to get out and play. The kids wants to get out and play, coaches want to get out and play but in the end we need to get these kids physically ready to play and adjusted to the Louisiana heat and try to steer away from injuries. That’s one of my biggest concerns as a coach. If they push it back, I think it would be a smart idea. If they push it back, maybe a smart idea and also gives us the opportunity to prepare these kids a little more.”

“It would just give us more time to get better and prepare.”

“More time for us to prepare, work more and get stuff more smooth.”