Markel Brown home to host camp

Peabody Magnet High standout, Markel Brown is in town hosting his 5th annual basketball camp. During the camp, he and other volunteers teach the campers basic skills and drills for the game. Students were able to learn how ball handling, dribbling and other techniques to better prepare them. Peabody’s long-time basketball coach, Charles Smith, was also there to display what he has taught over his winning tenure.

Over five years, Brown says he’s seen plenty of time over the years personally and see it physically in attendance. “I’ve seen growth from myself first. First staring off I didn’t have a clue what I was doing but I learned more and more about hosting camp and putting them through different drills but number wise for the kids showing up and when I come home to visit they ask when’s the next camp and that’s exciting to see.”

After finishing four years at Peabody, Brown made a stops at Oklahoma State before being drafted in 2014 in the second round. He then had brief careers with the Brooklyn Nets and Houston Rockets. He also played overseas in Russia and Turkey in the Euro League.


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