Many Tigers advance to 5th consecutive semi-finals appearance to host General Trass

“I don’t ever want to go back to Amite. That’s a tough place to play. Athletes all over the field, well-coached and we had to fight our way out of there. We had to shake a little rust off and play our style of football.”

Lining up against an opponent for the first time in a couple of weeks, the Many Tigers sought the win and now look ahead to the next round, the semi-finals… a round they’re no stranger to seeing.

“In the semi-finals, you’re going to get a hot team, a team playing with confidence. We’re playing with confidence and we’re a hot team and it’s going to be a great battle. Two teams fighting and putting it all on the line.”

Being the number one seed isn’t the easiest road to the ship, you may have to conquer some battles on the way and Coach Jess Curtis says Amite was theirs.

Now after pulling that one off, staying undefeated, they’re back at home to host the 8-2 General Trass Panthers.

“You always have to win one tough game when you’re the high seed on the road and that our tough game. We had to go into Amite and get it done. We had to find a way and we did. We’re just glad to be back home, playing in our place. It’s special. We don’t lose here a lot, it’s a great environment, we feed off our fans, we feed off our environment. We love our turf, we feed off of it everyday… things are better at home.”

Coming into the match-up, last week’s win over Amite was the most points the Tigers have given up all season at 30.

Where offensively, they’ve put up crazy numbers averaging 41 points a game.

On the other side of the field, General Trass who’s been hot in their last few games are coming into this contest very confident.

With very high stakes on the line, the Tigers can’t let that play a factor in the semi-finals match-up.

Many is set to host General Trass this Friday, 7 p.m. Winner will advance to the Championship game on December 27th at Turpin Stadium. Kick-off is at 1 p.m.