Many Rapides Voters Switch Party Affiliation for Primary

Here’s what the voter registration landscape now looks like for the March 5th Presidential Primary in Rapides Parish. Remember, Wednesday was the deadline to register or change your registration for this closed primary.

Change to Democrat by all others: 57
Change to Republican by all others: 163
Democrat to Republican: 426
Democrat to No Party: 33
Republican to Democrat: 32
Republican to No Party: 16
Total Voters in Rapides Parish: Democrats – 37,145; Republicans – 25,248; All Others: 21,095

These changes show that the GOP has the most converts in Rapides Parish.  And, if you look at total voters, though Democrats still outflank Republicans, the Democrats are themselves are in the minority, when you add the GOP to all other parties, which includes those listed as No Party.

Rapides Voter Registrar officials say this is the most activity in party switches they’ve seen in Rapides Parish in many years.

Again, that March 5th election will be closed, so that the only ones listed on your ballot will be those with your party affiliation.

KLAX ABC 31 News 2/4/16