Man Dead After Being Hit By Train in Ball

trainA man is dead after being hit by a Union Pacific train late this morning in Ball.

PedestrianTrainBall police say the man was wearing headphones with loud music blaring when the conductor spotted him.  They say the conductor hit the emergency brakes and used his air phone to warn the man, but he never moved.

The call into Ball went in about 11:45 this morning from the scene at Ball Loop and Clines Road.

The train could not stop before striking the man on his left side.

At this hour, we’re waiting for an identification of the man and an effort to find out why he was on the track.

And, Ball Mayor Jonathan Dean arrived on the scene while investigators began their work.  He says this is a rare tragedy for this town, and all are puzzled why it happened.

The Union Pacific Railroad has more than one crossing within the Town of Ball.

KLAX ABC 31 News 4/2/14