Man Arrested for Walking Down the Street, Carrying a Shotgun in a School Zone

Press Release – On February 7, APD officers responded to the area of Rosalie Street and Louis Street to a report of a man walking down the street carrying a shotgun. Officers responded to the area and located the subject nearby, at the corner of Lynda Lee and Emily Ann Streets.

When the man saw officers approaching, he went behind a nearby residence and attempted to hide the shotgun behind the house. Officers contacted him and located the shotgun.

The subject first identified himself with a false name, and he was arrested and charged with Carrying a Firearm in a Firearm-Free School Zone. When officers arrived at the jail, the subject was found to have marijuana concealed on his person. Jailers were able to ascertain his true identity as Trevon Johnson, 18.

In addition to the firearm charge, Johnson was charged with Possession of Marijuana, Introduction of Contraband into a Penal Facility, Misrepresentation During Booking, and Resisting an Officer. Johnson also had an active warrant through the 9th Judicial District Court.