Man Arrested for Shooting Incident at Alexandria Mall

Alexandria, La. (Dec. 24, 2021) – A 23-year-old male has been arrested for firing a rifle in the parking lot of Alexandria Mall early this afternoon. Several vehicles were struck, but there were no injuries.

Kyrin Cooper-White was arrested and charged with two counts of attempted second degree murder.

“Our officers did an outstanding job securing the scene and apprehending those involved quickly,” said Alexandria Police Chief Ronney Howard. “I thank God nobody was injured in this incident. As a community, we need to get our young people to understand that guns and violence are not the solution to problems. I’m asking all of the parents, grandparents, ministers, teachers – everyone in the community who works with our youth – please help teach them guns and violence aren’t the solution. We need to change what is in their hearts. Police can’t do that alone. We can keep making arrests, but we need the community to help get these young people to understand you can’t take back a bullet.”

Investigation indicates the incident began as a fight between two individuals in the parking lot. During the fight, a gun fell to the ground, causing one of the individuals to flee as well as an individual attempting to break up the fight. Cooper-White then reportedly pulled a rifle from his vehicle and fired numerous shots at the two fleeing individuals.

If you have any information about this incident, please contact the Alexandria Police Department at 318-449-5099.