LSUA’s Thomas, looking for new home overseas

Former LSUA guard, Montrey Thomas Jr., played in the Euro Basket tournament recently looking for a new home overseas.

Thomas mentioned that he finished as the third top player in the tournament.

He says that ultimately it was a great learning experience and now he’s just waiting on the right call from agents.

“I talked to a few agents and I’m trying to make the right decision to go to the right agency. I just don’t want to make a quick decision. So, I’m taking my time to see which one I want to go with. I just want to make the right decision that’s best for me and whenever that opportunity presents itself, I’m going to pray about it, talk it over with my family, and then I’ll go from there.”

Montrey has hopped around a few times during his college career including stops at Northeastern State and Dillard University, so he only played his senior season with the Generals.

Although COVID stopped their hopeful NAIA championship run, he’s glad to have finished his career with a winnign team.

“Most of all, they’re a winning program. They’ve been winning ever since they started. That’s why I was confident in coming here and try to pursue a championship.”

Montrey finished his college career with the Generals 45 percent from the field, 348 total points, 98 rebounds and 80 assists.