LSUA Student Creates Stock Trading Algorithm

ALEXANDRIA, La. –  Amid the global pandemic and an unsteady stock market, many traders are looking for an edge to find the next big investment.

Enter LSUA Actuarial Science major, Dylan West.

Dylan’s love for math and the stock market put him on a mission to create a simpler, faster, and more accurate means tracking indicators.

Using an algorithm he researched for nearly three months and developed in just one month, Dylan has been able to utilize his love for math and concepts learned in his business and economics classes to fine-tune his formula.

“Compared to other algorithmic trading strategies I have tested, I have found that mine is more accurate and easier to understand,” Dylan said. “The ultimate goal is to help people make better, more lucrative decisions when it comes to buying and selling.”

Upon completion of the algorithm, Dylan established a limited liability company called Tradrz. and created a website,, in order to assist traders looking to purchase the algorithm. Additionally, a trademark for the company is in the approval process.

The Mamou High School graduate started at LSUA in the spring semester of 2019 after a short stint at Louisiana Tech University. Enrolled in engineering classes in Ruston, he knew the fit wasn’t for him.

“I realized I wasn’t into engineering and that (La Tech) campus was too big for me. Being from Mamou, I decided that LSUA would be the right sized campus and closer to home, plus I wanted to utilize my love for math and enroll in actuarial science. I am so glad I made the decision to come back. All of my professors have been so helpful and between their excellence in teaching and personal achievements, I have learned a great deal that I am using to help me through this process.”

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