LSUA Scholar Day Motivates Students to Educate their Peers

LSUA hosted scholar day for students to celebrate their research.

It is a one-day event to highlight their academic achievements.


LSUA Scholar Day gives students the opportunity to show what they have learned.

Students created posters and made speeches to present their work.

Austin Souphanthlop is an online student who traveled an hour to make an oral presentation.

Wanakee Frank discussed how to prevent patients from falling in the hospital.

Emily Lucias studied how skin-to-skin contact with the mother can save a baby’s life.

Angel Luttrull explained why Rapides General should have a cuddlecot for a stillborn.


Sandra Gilliland founded LSUA Scholar Day.

She is passionate about helping students engage the material they learn.

Her goal is to support them in applying this knowledge to their careers and at LSUA.


Zebulon Bell has been in the students’ shoes during Scholar Day.

He feels it is important for students to connect with mentors.

He encourages them to network with faculty members.


LSUA Scholar Day motivates students to keep researching and learning.

It is a chance for them to grow their skills and excel in their chosen field.



To watch the awards ceremony at 4 PM, go to the zoom link on