LSUA Presents Black Girl Magic Empowerment Summit to Highlight Black Women

LSUA’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Department hosted Sisters Like Me: Black Girl Magic to address and correct black women’s isolation in higher education settings.

Black Girl Magic was in full effect as entrepreneurs and businesswomen came together to encourage, uplift, and inspire each other.


LSUA seniors organized the Black Girl Magic event for critical conversation, fellowship, and empowerment.


Spoken Word Artist Jerrica Franklin recited her original poem called “Human.”

She says, “Your biggest opponent is you, and you my dear are only human.”


The 2022 theme was: I Am: The Power of Positive Affirmations.

Diversity Program Co-Chair Zoria Sewell says, “Something that stood out to me was when you walk into a room, walk in like you own the place, walk in with confidence, and just walk in standing up straight knowing that you belong in the room and that you fit in no matter what.”


Diversity Program Chair Destiny Harrison says, “I feel like I don’t belong in the spaces I belong in because I am quite literally the only black woman in the program. Being able to see different leaders in different areas and how they have all, even though they are doing different things are strong and able to keep going so that was really inspiring and I will be definitely taking a page out of their book.”


District 3 City Councilwoman Cynthia Perry advises the audience, “Whatever happens today let’s not dwell on it tomorrow.”


LSUA Chief Diversity Director Connie Cooper says, “For the black women in our community to come to this event and be in this space with our black female college students to express their love for them, to teach them, to pour into them, I could have not asked for more.”


Scholarship awards were given to students to motivate them to continue their education.

$500 Scholarship Recipient Kimberly Blade said, “I was completely surprised, was not expecting it, and it’s an amazing feeling.”


The committee’s goal was to let students know they are not alone.

$1000 Scholarship Recipient-Tasia Seivers says, “I am a first-generation college student so I’m really grateful and I am proud of myself to be able to get this far.”


Community leaders are planning to organize a summit focused on empowering black men at LSUA.