LSUA M.A.S.H Science Program Offers Dual Enrollment for Students

In the M.A.S.H program, high school students experience the forensics side of a crime lab.

They look at crime scenes and try to figure out who the killer is.

They reenact emergency situations and learn how to treat patients.


Madison Wilson has participated in the MASH program for the last 3 years.

She believes it will help her fulfill her dream as a surgeon.


LSUA Professor Sheryl Herring is excited to teach classes for the MASH program.

She encourages students to join this fast paced, 2-week program.

She feels it challenges students to consider other health professions.


Each student can explore classes like facial recognition.

This free program helps them grow and experience real life application.

It gives them the knowledge they need to jumpstart their careers.


Enrollment is closed but to participate in the MASH program next year, apply on