LSUA hosts second annual ‘Career Fair’

ALEXANDRIA, La – Jeremey Manuel  is trying to find his footing in life after graduation.  

“I am looking for work,” said Manuel. “I left for New Orleans and was chasing a dream in film and was enjoying it, but I wanted to switch directions with my career. So last year I decided to go back to school and now I’m trying to find myself back in Alexandra.” 

Lucky for Manuel, Louisiana State University of Alexandria hosted over 70 employers for a Career Fair. Through opportunities like The Career Fair and other resources from LSUA’s career center, Dr. Mary Palmer says students have found success in the workplace. 

“We’ve had two one who came through with his resume last year working really hard for an internship,” said Palmer. “He ended up landing an internship with CLECO.” 

Elia Brudaglio is a success story of the career center and just what can happen if you take advantage of the help they offer, even with the added obstacle of being international. 

“As an International, it’s tough to find a job,” said Brudalgio. “It really is. A lot of people struggle finding a job and the help of the career center was crucial. Without the career center I wouldn’t be here working with CLECO.” 

President Paul Coreil says often times the fair catches students by surprise with opportunities they previously didn’t consider. 

“It not only identifies the jobs available, but also the career opportunities they didn’t even think of that are available right here in central Louisiana.” 

That is exactly the case for Senior Destiney Jones. 

“The thing that raised an eyebrow the most was probably the national Guard, because they said that they’ll pay for my tuition, and I’ll be able to practice psychology after I graduate while getting my masters,” said Jones. “So that’s a plus.” 

Manuel says he previously had electronically applied to some of the companies at the career fair before but getting to shake their hand and pair a name to a face shows that the business truly care and makes him more confident about potential opportunity.   

“I was not expecting that this many companies would come out, especially to a college campus,” said Manuel. “But yeah, it’s incredible to have company support and know that they care about students and the future of the city.” 

LSUA’s career fair was still an added treat for students like Bailey Layton who already have connections and opportunities after graduation. 

“I got a cupcake!” 

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