Louisianans Number One Victims of Porch Pirates

Porch pirates who steal packages are a problem during the holidays especially in Louisiana.  ABC 31 News’ Joel Massey has some tips on how to avoid them this year.

A new study has determined that Louisiana is the number one state for holiday porch pirates, when thieves steal packages from your front door.  Lane Windham with the Alexandria Police Department has some tips on how you can avoid being a victim.

“At this time of the year being the holiday season, a lot of people get packages delivered to their house or their apartment or wherever they live.  Unfortunately, we have a problem here with people taking those packages.  We’re trying to ask the public as much as possible if you do get a package sent to you in the mail, if you live in an apartment complex see if you can get it sent to the office.  If it gets sent to your home and you are not going to be there see if a neighbor can watch and get the package and make sure someone else doesn’t get it.  If it’s in an area where you can’t do that a lot of people install video cameras or doorbell cameras.  That way if somebody does get your package hopefully, we can get a picture of it.”

This year is expected to be a record setting season for online retail with $207 billion expected nationwide in online holiday shopping.

Windham said, “Any time you get something shipped to your house make sure it’s insured.  You can do tracking.  UPS, Fed Ex has tracking so when it’s delivered you know it’s there.”

One Youtuber has taken matters into his own hands.  Mark Rober set up a creative way to catch porch pirates using GPS tracked glitter bombs that show thieves getting an unexpected surprise after stealing his packages.

Windham has a couple more tips on keeping your packages safe this holiday.

“If you’re working during the day or at night and Fed Ex is delivering, or UPS, US postal, see if they will deliver it to your work.  If they can’t deliver it for some reason, there see if you can hold the package and go pick it up at their delivery site.  Some sites will offer that service.”