Louisiana Women Learn How to Grow Food

With food prices going up, people are going back to their farming roots.

Women have decided to take the lead in the agriculture business.


Louisiana Women in Agriculture hosted a 3-day conference to teach women how to grow food.

Women farmers and beginner gardeners learned how each crop was grown.


Audrey Kolde enjoys growing food locally.

She believes being a part of a close farming community.

She wants more women to get close to the land.


Lauren Breaux was inspired by speakers at her first conference.

She learned how to take ownership of the land.

She believes it is time to go back to our farming roots.


During the tour, women were shown a variety of foods to grow.

These crops included squash, strawberries, and onions.

The staff at Inglewood Farm gently cultivate the land without any machines.

Farmers hope women learn how easy it is to start the growing process.


For more information on the next conference, go to louisianawomeninag.com.