Louisiana Poet Laureate Mona Lisa Saloy Teaches Writers to Find their Voice

Every two years, the Governor nominates a writer to be the Louisiana Poet Laureate.

This poet’s job is to travel the state to encourage others to engage in poetry.


Dr. Mona Lisa Saloy is a Conrad N. Hilton Endowed Professor of English at Dillard University.

Dr. Saloy loves serving as Louisiana Poet Laureate.

Her goal is to find the voices of black writers.

She wants to create a safe place where the South can be heard.


In her books she writes about her memories in New Orleans.

She uses the pain and joy of her life to inspire others.

Mona Lisa was grateful to come home years after Hurricane Katrina.


LSUA English Professor Bernard Gallagher was proud to invite Mona Lisa to the Cavanagh series.

He loves connecting writers to someone who has experience.

He wants them to find inspiration in their words.


Writers came to find guidance and support in their writing.

Sandra Myles felt she could see herself in Mona’s poetry.


Aspiring writers listened to her life story and bought her books.

Through her work, she can teach writers to find power in their voice.


Mona Lisa Saloy will serve as Louisiana Poet Laureate until her term ends in 2023.