Hospitals (Tier I and II), Nursing home Residents and Staff and EMS services.



  • ambulatory/outpatient medical/dental/behavioral health clinic staff (broad and inclusive of PT/OT, home visit staff, etc. Intent is to cover all medical/BH/dental personnel not covered in 1a)
  • schools of allied health students/residents/staff
  • people 70 yrs of age and older
  • ESRD patients and staff
  • home health agency patients and staff
  • health-related support personnel (lab, mortuary, etc)
  • essential government response personnel (parish OEP’s and other)
  • any OPH/LDH staff involved in COVID response
  • elected officials
  • judiciary personnel
  • homeland security, national guard, FBI, security/military personnel
  • first responders not covered in 1a
  • corrections officers and jailers
  • medical transportation services
  • homeless shelter and other group home and congregate living center staff
  • K-12 and daycare teachers/staff
  • food and agriculture workers
  • postal service
  • public transit workers
  • grocery store workers



  • people 65-74 yrs of age
  • people with medical conditions that increase the risk for severe COVID-19
  • transportation workers
  • logistics workrs
  • water and wastewater workers
  • food service workers
  • construction/housing workesr
  • front-line bank tellers
  • IT and communications workers
  • energy workers
  • legal staff
  • media workers
  • public safety (engineers)
  • all other public health workers