Louisiana College Media Day

Claw Up for the Louisiana Wildcats!

They hosted their 2019 Media Day for the football program over the weekend.

The coaches and a few of the players gave some insight to how practices have been going so far, how they’re presently stacked and what to expect going into the season.

Head coach, Justin Charles, has been nothing less than impressed with the maturity that he’s seen from his guys.

“…when you have that maturity level and you have those guys going through a weight room program for two to three years now and those guys understand playbooks and where our intensity levels have to be for every single practice, its a huge thing.”

With a lot of young talent on the roster this year, offensive coordinator, Ben McLaughlin, says that he has his starters on the offensive line, but still figuring out who’ll be next in rotations.

“Well, that’s the common of the day right now– they’re just freshman. But we’re seeing how they respond tonight with the fans in the stands and the lights come on and next Friday when we play another color jersey. That’s when we’re going to know who those guys are. We definitely have the pieces in place but it depends on who rises up to that challenge.”

Strong safety, Julius Johnson emphasizes how important the depth of the defense is while Jacob Joffrion defends why he doesn’t believe in a “special” defense.

“The past two years, depth has been intermediate but I think that’ll be the difference between us winning or losing the game. Just because if we get in a position where we’re always on the field, we have to make sure we’re putting up so that we can get our offense back on the field but if we’re huffing and puffing I mean… we’re going to need numbers.”

“Like I said earlier, I mean… ain’t nothing special about it and that’s the special part. We’re all just regular people that go out and work hard. Ain’t nobody 6’6, 270 lbs and running a 4.4. Everybody just regular dudes that bust their butts and that’ll bring you a lot further than a bunch of talented dudes that don’t work hard.

Back on the other side of the ball, offensive lineman, Chad Smith and wide receiver, Zion Williams discuss being leaders to the team and what they gain from being such a solid unit.

“Being a leader amongst them, they’re a unique group but being a leader amongst them, they just have to follow the leader. Follow the leader and just go with it.”

“I look around at practice of meeting or anything and I just look around and see everybody on the same page doing the same thing. You know, strength in numbers. So, I feel like we don’t have a weakness at all.

The Wildcats season opener is against Stetson University, September 7th.