Louisiana College adds renovations to athletic facilities

The LC wildcats got a much needed facelift to their athletic faculties. Some of those facilities not being touched since the 60’s.

Louisiana College president, Dr. Rick Brewer says that the athletes are than deserving of a new look.

“They deserve it. Our athletes deserve it, our campus deserves it.”

Louisiana College hosted a press conference to showcase some of the renovations on campus.

Thanks to donations from Coca-Cola, Central Louisiana Community Foundation, and alumni and friends, the Wildcats have a breath of fresh air.

“I’m excited. Anytime you see new things, it invigorates you. Our guys have been very patient. We’ve been here five years and this is the first thing we’ve done to our facilities since I’ve been here so we’re excited to have this happen.”

Not only are the upgrades great for current athletes, but as Louisiana College transitions back to the NAIA for the fall, they believe this will play a huge role for recruitment.

“Athletes are looking for the experience. They want to know what the uniforms look like, the swag, the place we’re playing in, the aesthetics, the environment is important. We’re trying to enhance that.”

“One of the reasons I’m excited about this is that it gives us a place to showcase. We have a good product we think in our program as a whole, but where they’re going to play, where they’re practice, where they’re going to have their locker-room, all of that is important also. So, we think it’s going to help us tremendously.”

The $300,000 project included upgraded locker rooms for both soccer and basketball programs, and women’s volleyball. The Wildcats also have a new scorer’s table, sound system and more in addition to the new turf at Wildcat stadium from over the summer.

Dr. Brewer says, there’s more to come.

“That’s just a first phase. A lot more we need to do and want to do across campus. We put new turf in for football and soccer. If you had seen it before, we didn’t want you to see it before. It’s night and day. And again, we’re grateful.”