Louisiana Christian University Brings Value to Educators Through TEACH Program

Louisiana Christian University has openings in the fall in their TEACH program.

LCU has been providing public educators as teachers and administrators for over 100 years.


LCU TEACH Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Education Victory Lindo-Lemons encourages aspiring educators to join LCU’S TEACH Program.

“So, if you love people and you love to give back, and if you just love a certain particular content like if you’re into the arts or you really like history, I promise you, there is a little bit of a teacher in you somewhere, you just have to activate it.”


Victory Lindo-Lemons says participating in the TEACH program taught her how to make a positive impact on students.

“If I can clone a million little me’s with the same kind of heart and passion for teaching, it’s so rewarding and so that’s the biggest for me, and is being able to impact teachers who are going into the classroom and impacting students and LCU has a track record for producing effective teachers in the classroom.”


Louisiana Christian University is asking anyone with a bachelor’s degree to join the TEACH program to become an educator.

LCU President Rick Brewer says there is a significant need for teachers.


First and Second Grade Teacher at Mabel Brasher Montessori LeeAnn Borrel says she enjoys being in the second phase of the TEACH program.

“During our summer session, we had guests who came and did classes for us online and they just really lit that fire for us as teachers and made us feel like it’s okay to say like, I love teaching and be proud of what we do because we have a really amazing job.”

LeeAnn Borrel applied what she learned to implement digital tools in her classroom.

“They’re also working with us on different classroom management tools, different ways to engage the students, and make them want to learn and be here in class and that’s been really helpful.”

She loved the fact she could earn her master’s degree online and continue teaching.

“Well, I truly feel like I was born to teach and I’m proud I get to teach and so this program has given me more tools to further that and impact the lives of the children that I get to share with every year in my classroom.”

LeeAnn Borrel enjoys using different teaching materials to challenge her students.

With her new-found skills, she can transform the lives of her students at Mabel Brasher Montessori School.


With 21 hours of certification, an aspiring educator can come to this beautiful campus and earn their Master’s degree in Teaching.

For more information, contact LCU School Of Education at 318-487-7307.