Louisiana Christian Author Grace Valentine Aims to Help Young Adults with Mental Health Challenges

Louisiana author Grace Valentine is best known for being a relatable and honest voice among her generation.

Grace Valentine loves to inspire teens and young adults in their faith journey.

“I think a lot of teens and young adults are so scared that they’re going to miss out on being successful, being content, having a life that is fun, social, if they choose Jesus, but when they read this devotional, I hope they see that, you can live big for Christ, but you have to know your big God.”


In her new devotional To the Girl Looking for More, she shares the lessons she has learned through her own challenges.

“Even when I look back at my own testimony, struggling with body image, eating disorders, insecurity, bullying, feeling left out in college even when I was around people so many times, struggling with anxious thoughts, I can see that all those bad things in my life have become a good thing because they became a God thing.”


Her readers love the fact that she is young and relatable.

“I take it very much as an honor and a joy that I can grow up in South Louisiana in the suburbs, very ordinary, but somehow end up writing Bible teaching when I think my grandma always says, there was never anyone teaching her Bible, especially young women.”


She breaks down with Scripture on how to deal with depression and anxiety.

“That was the kind of the goal for this devotional to have Scripture incorporated that feels easy, whether they are new or challenging for someone who has been in faith for a long time, have guided prayers to help them in their personal walk with Christ, but also have an easy to read format that is straight to the problems they face and straight to the insecurity, and what they feel like they’re struggling with.”


Valentine hopes to guide young women to discover their self-worth in the eyes of the Creator.

“There’s a lot of issues that they will face in this lifetime, and I truly believe that the only thing that can give them peace and comfort and also joy in this life we are given is the grace of God, the peace of God, the joy of God, and a relationship with him. It’s not boring, it’s not rules, it’s a relationship that is fulfilling and that’s what I love to tell young people.”


She hopes her devotional can help young women see themselves in a positive way.

Valentine hosts a summer mental health retreat to support college students.