Lorenzo Davis, Sr. Competes for Alexandria’s Top Job

In our continuing coverage of speaking with the City of Alexandria candidates, ABC 31 News’ Joel Massey spoke with Mayoral Candidate Lorenzo Davis, Sr.

Lorenzo Davis, Sr. is a local businessman who has never held public office.  He says that gives him an advantage being outside of politics.  While he is a newcomer, he has a very clear and focused strategy on how to move Alexandria Forward.

Davis said, “The thing is that public safety has arisen, become such a crises is because of the processes that have been neglected by prior administrations for so long.

“And no one seems to focus on why the elderly and the youth are crying out for help, but they are really needing help because of the crisis and unbalance of things going on within the city as far as them being able to get weapons and guns.

“Well what I would change first is I would start by engaging public service people, police and other public service officials into the inner city.

“The kids are crying out.  We have no place where the kids can go to and be used as a refuge where they can reach out and be open and get help not just their schoolwork and education but with recreation.

“Being a man of God I know that there’s only so much the churches can do.  But I know it’s an easy thing for leadership administrators to reach out and blame churches for not doing their part.

“Industry doesn’t want to come to Alexandria because of our own leaders and administrators and council’s divided.

“We’ve lost population for the last ten years both administrations have not brought industry to Alexandria they’ve declined in growth we have no recreation departments for the youth, no vibrant elderly assistant programs.

“It’s time to move forward.  It’s time for true leadership.  Someone who has the experience to initiate to engage to invite.

“But I’m not a politician so to me it’s not important being a politician it’s more important being a leader.”

He says the city councils’ job is simple, keep God first and work for the people.  He says a united city council is the start of turning many problems like police recruitment around.

Davis has a business management degree from southwestern and owns a successful exterminating business in town.  He will face off against former Mayor Jacques Roy, current Mayor Jeff Hall, City Council President Catherine Davidson and newcomer Harry Hayes in November.

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