Longleaf Hospital expanding to meet growing demands for services

Located on Versailles Boulevard, the current facility employs 268 professionals, has 94 beds, covers more than 54,000 square feet, and treats approximately 3,600 patients a year.

When the $13.5 million expansion effort is completed in 2020, the hospital will have grown to 77,329 square feet in size. This expansion will allow the hospital to employ nearly 368 professionals, house 139 beds, and ultimately have the ability to treat an estimated 5,600 patients annually.

The expansion will provide additional resources for active-duty and veteran members of the military who are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It will also give individuals who are struggling with addiction the support they need to successfully recover.

Longleaf currently provides acute care services for patients who have alcohol or drug dependencies, members of the military who are suffering from PTSD and other mental health disorders, patients who have low-acuity needs, high-functioning individuals who have suicidal thoughts or behaviors, and high-acuity, low-functioning individuals who have psychosis, which is often drug-related.

This expansion will make Longleaf the second largest behavior health hospital in Louisiana create 100 new jobs.

Chief Executive Officer Claire Hick, MHA says “It’s not about who is the largest; it’s about serving the needs of the community.”

Claire Hick, Executive Officer