Local teen beats cancer and looks forward to graduating

Imagine finding out you have cancer in the high light of your high school career. You would think one would take the news hard but not 18-year-old Nigel Payne.  Payne was 15 years old when he found out he had Hodgkin lymphoma. Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a type of lymphoma that develops in the white blood cells. In denial, he remained positive throughout the process. Finding out this devastating news around the holidays, Payne’s mother took it the hardest. Expecting it to toll on her son she was surprised how he handled the news.  Nigel’s  mother Tramika  Coleman  stated “I said but you do have cancer and he was like oh I can beat that you know so it was just like it was no big deal to him. Once he found out that he had cancer I’m just like the boy you not you don’t how to realize serious cancer is you know but it has never worried him for once second”. After visiting several hospitals Payne found himself at st. year in Memphis Tennessee, where he found out that he was cancer free.  His  mother  said when Nigel saw all of the other kids that were going through cancer he  never  thought about  himself. Unaware that he had won the fight against cancer .  Excited for his future he left friends and family with this message.  In the  video message  he stated “I just want to thank god and thank all my social media friends and all my actual family you know that gave me prayers and support cause I found out that I don’t even have cancer no more. Cause you know they cut out that lymphoid the only cancerous thing and it’s gone and I’m in Tennessee right now I just left the saint judges research center I talked to my doctor and she was like you don’t have cancer”.Payne is looking forward to walking across the stage to receive his high school diploma and moving into his college career. Now he has a different outlook on life.He and his mother are looking to start a non-profit that money for cancer patients. If you would like to find out more information email Tramika.Coleman @gmail.Com.