Local nursing home and rehabilitation center receives special donation

“When I look at it, the true meaning of this story is paying people back.”

In the middle of last month, Naomi Heights Nursing Home was paid with an unexpected gift.

“At the time that we got this, we were just so moved that someone from Minnesota would think about Louisiana and Naomi Heights and our community. So, it really just moved us.”

Darlene Amdahl, a retired nurse in Minnesota surprisingly sent a box of handmade masks to the home. In the card sent with the package, she mentions that her daughter used to live in Alexandria for some time and loved the community. Because of the warm kindness her daughter received while living in the city, the masks were her way of saying thank you.”

“It was an amazing tribute when we got it. Of course I put it on Facebook because to think that someoen from Minnesota had thought about us.”

Theresa says that her and her staff were more than thankful for the unexpected donation. But in a time like this, it reminded them that it doesn’t hurt to pay it forward.

“What we got started here in our facility for our staff is I had a box made named Pay It Forward and we’re having our staff every time an employee does something nice for them, we want them to pay it forward. So they write out and put a little note in the box of what this employee has done for them.”

Aside from the new Pay It Forward system, Theresa says that the spirits remain high between the residents, the staff and the family of Naomi Heights.

“In days to come, I know with everything and healthcare we’re in a different phase so as far as nursing homes we look for it to be a little bit longer but we’re going to make it through. We’re going to do whatever we can to keep the communication open with our family members and just continue to thank God for blessings us each day.”