Local High School Students Raised Awareness for Homelessness

Teens prepared to step in the shoes of a homeless person.

Local high school students decided to experience what it is like to be homeless.

They are sleeping in boxes at the ASH football field to raise awareness for homelessness.

Katy Andries was inspired by the bible verse Luke 3:11 to give back to the poor.

She is proud to teach students how to serve and help other people.

Their goal is to raise money for the Manna House to provide food for the homeless.

Each student will wear a shirt to represent the Luke 3:11 message.

Joseph Buzetta believes students should understand the challenges of the homeless.

Sleeping in a box will make them aware of what a homeless person goes through.

This project will help teens get out of their comfort zone and show compassion to those who need it.

Students spent the night at Alexandria Senior High School from 8 pm to 8 am to get the full experience.