Local football coach “kicks” life-changing experience

“I cringe to think had I waited later, what could’ve happened. But, everything happens for a reason and for me to be out in the position I was put in, and to be able to be given the medical attention I was given, it’s a true blessing.”

No matter how good a person you are… no matter how healthy you are.. sickness doesn’t discriminate.

“I thought I was healthy. I thought nothing was wrong with me. I felt fine. It doesn’t discriminate, it comes out of nowhere.”

During an historic season for the Bolton Bears football team, head coach Mark Teague’s life took on a snowball affect.

Amidst some family issues, he had learned that his health was in jeopardy.

“It’s a numbing feeling when someone tells you you have cancer. I got past that numbing feeling. My first thought was tell me how bad it is.”

Teague says he had felt something was off. He went in to check on it and doctor number one sort of blew it off. However, this “feeling” pushed him to another doctor who then took his word, ran tests and then broke the unfortunate news to him.

“While I was there I said, I want to check on this. Just to be on the safe side. It was blown off the last time and he said yeah, let’s make sure we rule out anything bad.”

Teague says that was not only thankful to catch the cancer during its early stages, but blessed enough to not suffer from any hard symptoms.

“To catch it in the early stages that it was caught, and have the excellent prognosis for recovery and complete good health afterwards.. it’s just a straight blessing from God. That’s the only thing I can think of.”

With the power of prayer and the support from his family, football team, Bolton High and a wide range coaching fraternity, all of the love brought him to the moment of ringing the bell.

“Some days you wonder if you’re ever going to get there. Some days are tougher than others. You finally get to that last day and you finish it, ringing that bell is like the best experience in the world. It lets you know you’re done.”