Local community members begin Adopt a Senior Facebook page for students

“Instead of dividing at a time like this, we’ve come together and put what really matters at the front and not so much worried about ourselves independently or selfish at a time like this.”

Some things don’t matter to us until it’s out of our hands. Leaders in the community like Ashley Protho, Jennifer Smith and others have gone above and beyond to make sure that what matters the most can somewhat be resolved.

“Well, I expressed some concerns that I had about seniors and how they weren’t gifted with some of the best times that they look forward to. My cousin tagged me in a page that was in Lafayette that said Adopt-a-Senior so I mentioned maybe we should do that for here.”

And it spread like wildfire. Since creating the page on April 14th, it now has over 4,200 members.

“It’s really spreading quickly and I’m glad that so many people have gotten involved and honoring them.”

By honoring local seniors, community members will “adopt a senior.”

In hopes of being adopted, the student or parent will post their best pictures with a quick bio of who they are and maybe some high school accomplishments and also future plans.

The adopter will shower that senior with lots of support.

Whether its through words of encouragement, maybe some favorite snacks or college apparel from their future school. All with the intentions to uplift.

“A lot of parents have messaged me saying that they’re glad that we made the page and we put that much thought into the seniors and a lot of students have messaged me saying thank you for making the page it’s let them feel more love than what they would’ve if they had not had the page.”