LCU Art Professor WangLing Chou Turns Trash into Treasure Through Ceramics

A professor’s job is to mold young minds and prepare them for their career.

One college art professor teaches her students to think outside the box.


Wangling Chou loves expressing herself through ceramics.

Her favorite muse is her goat.

Her life on the farm inspires her artwork.


WangLing Chou is an art professor at Louisiana Christian University.

She is originally from Taiwan.

But she feels at home in Central Louisiana.

She loves she can do her artwork in peace on the farm.


WangLing’s art is inspired by her love for animals.

In her home she currently has 25 animals.

WangLing enjoys the process of creating her hand-pressed goat ceramics.


She breathes life into trash by reusing things creatively.

Most of her work uses recycled coke bottles.

She takes pride in creating something unique.


Her most recent work, “Two Rooster Tea Pots”, won a merit award in April.

She is honored to be recognized for her artwork.

Her goal is to challenge herself in her art.


Her students are inspired by her work.

They bring her old trash to use in her art.

She hopes to inspire more students to follow their creative pursuits.


To support her artwork, go to She has two upcoming exhibits in Saratoga, New York, and Colorado.