LCTCS and CLTCC Offer ‘Reboot Your Career’ Program for Displaced Workers Due to COVID-19

Alexandria, La., Sept. 30, 2020 — In an effort to support workers who may be unemployed or
underemployed due to COVID-19 cutbacks, the Louisiana Community and Technical College
System, of which Central Louisiana Technical Community College (CLTCC) is a part, has
created the ‘Reboot Your Career’ program to re-train workers to be able to pursue jobs in highwage career pathways.
This $10 million program, made possible by resources Gov. John Bel Edwards prioritized from
federal CARES Act funding, is available now through the spring of 2021. “CLTCC is very excited
about rebooting the careers of workers across Central Louisiana”, said CLTCC Chancellor
Jimmy Sawtelle. “Our statewide goal is to retrain 5,000 people who lost their jobs during the
coronavirus pandemic for high-demand positions that pay up to $50,000 per year.”
Available high-demand job pathways include yet are not limited to:
• Allied Health
• Construction
• Information Technology
• Manufacturing
• Transportation, including Commercial Trucking
• Welding
Students participating in the program receive reduced tuition for short-term training in the highdemand industry sectors. Vice Chancellor of Workforce Solutions Misty Slayter notes the
program is designed to assist those who are currently unemployed as well as workers who are
underemployed or seeking to increase their skill sets.
“This program provides incredible opportunities for individuals seeking to advance their skillsets
to engage in a high-demand career pathway and for underemployed workers to advance their
position and wage in current or alternate pathways,” Slayter said.

“We are presently seeking business partners to join us in this critical skills-building program,”
Slayter explained. The expectation is that partner companies will offer paid apprenticeships or
internships, help recruit program participants and hire graduates upon program completion.
“Partners are essential to this program to support students because often participants cannot
quit their current jobs or forego income to participate in training,” Slayter said. “Using a hybrid
work and train model allows students to train and increase their skill set while still earning
To enroll and register in the ‘Reboot Your Career’ program please visit the program website
at For more information contact Vice Chancellor Slayter at
(800) 278-9855 or