LC Profs Honored with Endowed Chairs and Professorships

PINEVILLE, La. (LCNews)–As Louisiana College’s spring semester drew to a close recently, 13 professors were honored with endowed chairs and professorships.

Dr. Cheryl Clark — interim vice president for academic affairs — presided over the luncheon that acknowledged the professors.

“Louisiana College is blessed to have a stellar faculty, who continue in the tradition of excellence for which this institution is known,” said Clark, who is also Chair, Division of Humanities. “Those we especially honored, however, were the most deserving because they consistently demonstrate exemplary academic prowess and student-centric practice among a faculty of top-performers.”

Those honored include:

Edith Kilgore Kirkpatrick Professorship in Music: Dr. Paul DeBoer, Chair, Division of Fine Arts;

Claude & Lois Colvin Endowed Professorship in Theatre: Tabitha Huffman, MFA, Assistant Professor of Theatre;

Coughlin-Saunders Foundation Chair in Nursing: Dr. Marilyn Cooksey, Dean, LC School of Nursing;

BellSouth Professorship in Liberal Arts: Dr. Nancy Whitlock, Assistant Professor of Spanish;

J. E. Hixson Professorship in English: Dr. Lillian Purdy, Professor of English;

McCormick-Huie Professorship in English: Ms. Jill Reid, MFA, Assistant Professor of English;

E. O. Wood Professorship in Communication Arts: Dr. Elizabeth Christian; Professor of Communication Studies;

William Peterson Carter, Jr. Professorship in Biblical Studies: Dr. Justin Langford, Assistant Professor of Christian Studies;

Lyndon E. Dawson Professorship in Religion: Dr. Phillip Caples, Vice President for Integration of Faith and Learning, and Assistant Professor of Preaching/Pastoral Ministry;

James A. Young Professorship in Religion: Dr. Tylitha Whatley, Professor, Christian Education;

Richard L. Crowell Professorship in Pre-Law: Dr. Christine Reese, Chair, Div. of History and Political Science and Assistant Professor of History;

L. P. Dawson Professorship in History: Dr. Scott Pickard, Assistant Professor of History; and,

Durham Family Professorship in Business: Dr. Adena LeJeune, Assistant Professor of Business.

“My gratitude for these accolades is two-fold,” said LC President Dr. Rick Brewer. “I deeply appreciate these faculty members — these superlative leaders — whose commitment to excellence is exemplified in their approach to higher education and dedication to their students.”

“Likewise, I am beyond elated for the donors whose heartfelt sentiments for Louisiana College is matched by a generosity that helps these professors accomplish the mission to which God has called them.”

The combination of academic excellence and the beneficence of donors “is a God-honoring blend of blessings that enables Louisiana College to continue preparing graduates and transforming lives for a world that needs committed Christians in the marketplace. We remain ever grateful to God for his provisions.”