LABI’s 2021 Manufacturer of the Year with fewer than 100 employees, Atlas Feed Mill

Louisiana Association of Business and Industry – LABI

Atlas Feed Mills has been operating in the St. Martin parish area since 1949. It’s women-owned and operated by Ms. Barbara Melancon and her 3 daughters, but that wasn’t always the case. Atlas founder and Ms. Barbara’s late husband, “Boze” Melancon, died of cancer in 1993, leaving her with three girls, ages 1, 3 and 4, and the business. As Ms. Barbara said, “I didn’t know anything about a feed mill.” She credits another local businessman and friend with her success in those early years as he mentored her in the process to keep the mill open.

Over the last 30 years, Atlas has fought through the many storms, floods, and other disasters that have threatened their business, but they have made it through each and every one. They credit their long-time staff, expertise, and friendly old-school customer service. They treat everyone like family, and their tight-knit community knows it. It’s local businesses like Atlas that make Louisiana great.

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