Ken Burns Film Crew to be in Rapides Parish for Upcoming Documentary

Called Emancipation to Exodus. The project traces history from the emancipation proclamation to the great migration, the movement of 6 million African Americans out of the rural southern united states to the urban northeast, midwest, and west between 1910 and 1970. The film seeks to feature scholars as well as descendants whose family histories trace through the reconstruction era onwards.

Burns is interested in the contributions of Alexandria Professor J. B. Lafargue for whom the special ed learning center on Eddie Williams Blvd. is named. Lafargue founded Peabody State Normal Industrial and Agricultural school in 1895 which is now Peabody Magnet High School.

The crew will be in town September 19 through the 24th. They will conduct research, and film both Lafargue’s grave (which was located by local historian Michael Wynne at the Methodist Cemetery), as well as and events at Peabody High. They would like your help in bringing this project to life. Anyone that has historical pictures, diaries and records from that time period are welcome. The documentary will air on PBS in 2027.

If you would like to contribute please email

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