Judges, Lawyers Gather for the “Opening of Court”

A decades-old ceremony today at the Rapides Parish Courthouse marks the Opening of Court.

It dates back to the time when court resumed work after a long, hot summer in the days before there were air conditioned court houses. But, it’s very ceremonial, with all the area judges in their robes, sitting together and hearing from a state Supreme Court justice.

It’s a time for the Rapides Parish Bar Association to present its highest award, this one going to retired Attorney John Mclure of Alexandria. Mclure has most recently been the unpaid director of Manna House, though now he is battling cancer. A good friend and law school colleague says Mclure deserves the award, because of what he has done inside and outside the courtroom.

A Tulane and LSU grad, Mclure first practiced law with his late father.

The Bar Association also honored those members who have been active for 50 years and longer and they welcomed the young lawyers who are now working in Rapides parish. State Supreme Court Justice Marcus Clark gave the keynote address.

One of the other speakers today at the Opening of Court is the State Bar Association President Elect. He says these attorneys have a lot of programs to help people who are not in the courthouse.

The state bar is headquartered in Baton Rouge.

KLAX ABC 31 News 9/9/15