Jindal to Make Announcement Regarding 2016 Presidential Race

class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-1115″ src=”http://klax-tv.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Jindal-Speaks-300×225.jpg” alt=”Governor Bobby Jindal ” width=”300″ height=”225″ />The 2016 Republican field could soon be getting a little more crowded.

Governor Bobby Jindal confirmed he will soon make a major announcement regarding the 2016 presidential election. That announcement is set take place on June 24th in New Orleans.

The Baton Rouge Advocate says a huge fundraiser is planned, and among the hosts is Red River Bank President Blake Chatelaine of Alexandria, a long-time supporter.

The governor said, in part, “If I decide to announce on June 24th that i will seek the republican nomination for president, my candidacy will be based on the idea that the American people are ready to try a dramatically different direction. We don’t need just small changes, we need a dramatically different path.”

KLAX ABC 31 News 6/3/15