HSM’s, Kenzie Cox, swings with Centenary College on softball scholarship

Holy Savior Menard outfielder, Kenzie Cox officially signed to Centenary College in Shreveport.
Kenzie wasn’t able to complete her senior season due to COVID-19 but she rocked out her junior year. Kenzie throws and bats from the left where she batted .515 paired with a base percentage of .857.
Her other accolades include her making first-team all district and first-team all state so between her talents and high praises from Principal Chris Gatlin, she was a shoe in for the program.
“I’m super excited to be continuing my softball career. It’s crazy that I’ve made it this far. Honestly, I’ve had so much support and everyone has just always been there for me.”
“…It’s (Centenary) just a smaller atmosphere that I love the most. I’ll know everyone there. I’m such an outgoing person and I love to meet anyone. I’ll just be closer to everyone and I think it’ll be great for me. I’m a small town girl so I’ll just eat it all up. I love it.”