How Violent Crimes Have Affected the Citizens of Alexandria

According to, 54% of Louisiana residents worry about violent crime happening to them, and 50% worry about gun violence.

The Violent Crime Abatement Team held a press conference to discuss their efforts in stopping crime in three parishes.


On March 14th 2021, an 18-year-old male shot Kenya Slaughter’s daughter.

Her daughter harmony is autistic and could not describe what happened to her.

Kenya is scared for her daughter’s safety, and it is still affecting her today.


Sheriff Mark Wood believes his team has decreased the crime rate.

They have made a total of 171 arrests in the past couple weeks.

They have collected 31 weapons and seized 107 illegal drugs off the streets.


Assistant U.S. Attorney Jamilla A. Bynog is proud to work with the Violent Crime Abatement Team.

She is focused on prosecuting these violent crime offenders, and says they are doing everything they can to stop crime before it happens.


She adds, violent crimes will not be solved by law enforcement alone.

They need the public’s help to get these criminals off the streets.

Bottom line, these people say, when people stand up against crime, they can protect their community.


The next phase in their operations is accelerated prosecution on the part of the state and federal prosecution agencies.

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