How to Safely Use a Generator

Ater a hurricane is over, one of the most deadly issues facing a community is generator safety.
It has been less than a week since Hurricane Laura swept through the state, but many people are still left relying on generators to power their homes or companies.
While the technology has made the experience after the hurricane easier, many people misuse generators which is not a minor issue.
Since Hurricane Laura landfal, there have been numerous deaths related to mishandling of generators, whether its using them indoors or other incorrect ways.
Keith Lasyone, the owner of Atlas Home Services says the most important thing to remember is to have your generator outside.
“You have to remember to keep it away from any doors, windows or vents, that will pull in the exhaust into the house, so when you buy your generator make sure by a heavy duty extension cord that way you can carry the current to the appliances you run, so you can keep the generator a long distance away from the house.” said Lasyone.