How the Alexandria Aces Baseball Stadium Changed the Lives of Residents

Bringhurst Field is still sacred ground to former co-owner Jodie White.

Jodie White says the city of Alexandria should not tear down the Aces Stadium.

“It means everything. I was the bat boy when I was four. My daddy pitched batting practice everyday the Aces were home, my mother ran the concession stand, and I was the bat boy.”

Jodie White says the City of Alexandria should not tear down the Aces Stadium.

“It is the most asinine thing this Administration has ever tried to do. This is a City of Alexandria landmark. It was built in 1933 and now they are going to tear it down.”


The Aces Stadium holds special memories for those who went to the Aces games.

Local teams played home games at Bringhurst Field.

Bringhurst Field is also where the career of former baseball players was born.

Hayland Hardy was proud to play for the Alexandria Aces in 1994.

Unfortunately, his playing days were over when he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

“My wife and I, we never thought I would get sick, right but if I could go back, you know, I wouldn’t do a lot different, but I would sure enjoy the moment. I played there in the Dixie World Series when I was 18 and then got to play there again so I hope they won’t tear it down and they can find some sort of use for it. You know, because it’s got a rich tradition there.”


The Aces Stadium used to be a place where people could watch the game but now it is a fire hazard.

Stan Cliburn managed the Alexandria Aces baseball team from 1995 to 2000.

He feels it is important to preserve this stadium for more families to enjoy.

“I had a lot of fond memories of Bringhurst, a lot of great nights there for the 5 years I was there, two championships, and a lot of history there.”


The City of Alexandria is working on a solution to make the stadium safe for everyone.

3 thoughts on “How the Alexandria Aces Baseball Stadium Changed the Lives of Residents

  • July 30, 2022 at 1:41 pm

    Why not make it a public swimming pool or skating rink somewhere for young people can go and give them something to do

  • July 21, 2022 at 1:11 pm

    Bringhurst field is a national treasure! Please, do not tear it down! So many young men have played on this field and it has been an honor for them to play on a field that was used by the Aces for years. High school tournaments were played on this field making these young men feel so special, they got to play where the “big guys” played. It was a special treat for our oldest grandson, who is now 26yrs old, to run the bases after our son, his uncle, finished playing in a high school tournaments. Our son & grandson took great pride sliding into every plate! Our son was a catcher for Pineville High school his entire 4 yrs and I remember it being such an honor and “big deal” for the players to run out on the Bringhurst red dirt, warm up, and play ball! To these young men, it was and still is, their “field of dreams!” I know the history goes much further back than the late 1990’s….but to those high schoolers, it was like playing in Yankee Stadium. On one of our son’s trips home, he took his wife and little girls to see the “big baseball field” where he got played sometimes …he teared up when he saw the outfield signs were taken down and the entrance was shuttered! He saw that a splash pad had been added for special needs children and we all thought that was such a prized and special place for those children. He saw where the fire had destroyed part of structure but those wooden bleachers were still there! (If I had a $1.00 for each time I sat on one, I would be a rich momma!). Bringhurst holds a lot of great memories for a lot of families, just like many college stadiums and arenas, but Bringhurst holds a special place for so many people! I ask that the committee or council discussing the future to seek federal or state funding to maintain and refurbish this ball park… would be like tearing down LSU’s Death Valley or the Superdome to put up a strip mall or supermarket. You just don’t throw away “treasures” of the past just because it need some maintainance! To some folks it’s just old and outdated but to many others, it’s hallowed ground that needs preserving.

  • July 20, 2022 at 6:26 pm

    Why spend money fixing something instead of transforming it into a public multifunctional space the city needs more than a field taking up that space. Remember when we had public pools and a skating rink. The money people of this city don’t really care about the future because their stuck in the past.

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