How Rural Outreach Event Can Help Small Business Owners

The City of Alexandria is organizing a small business and rural outreach event.

Mayor Jeff Hall wants to reach out to aspiring business owners.


Jessica Lachney worked in construction for 15 years before she opened her bookstore.

Now she is celebrating her first year as a business owner.

She is excited to participate in the Rural Outreach Program.


Business Consultant Evelyn Jones believes the program will grow Alexandria in a positive way.

She looks forward to preparing them on how to use the skills they learn.

Jessica Lachney is proud of what she has accomplished so far.


She enjoys helping people find joy in books again.

Jessica plans to challenge herself and network with others.


By participating in the event, she can increase her business knowledge.

She can use the free resources available to her and bring more people to her bookstore.


To register for the event, go to It will be June 15th from 9 AM to 2 PM.