How Parents Can Improve Teen Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 50 percent of mental illness begins at age 14.


Eating at the dinner table can be the foundation for your child’s healthy mental state.

Skylar Anthony is a licensed social worker at Central Louisiana Human Services District.

She believes it can create a close bond between family members.

She says eating together can develop communication skills and increase self-esteem.


Skylar works with different programs to improve people’s mental health.

She uses positive messages in her sessions and encourages them during therapy.

Eliminating distractions at the table can connect parents to their children.


Jehovah Witness National Spokesperson Robert Hendriks is passionate about helping people connect.

He believes we can work together to improve children’s lives.

He says eating at the dinner table is one way to bring a family closer.


He says parents need to adjust their communication styles as they grow older.

When parents start early, their children will reach out more.

Therapy is a taboo subject, but both strive to normalize getting help.


Connecting with children early can help them cope with difficult situations as adults.

Therapy can be the first step in saving a child’s life.


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