How local gym owner combats closed doors during pandemic

“It’s been tough. It’s been rough on business but I got to look past it. This thing has gotten serious now.”

As the effects of the Coronavirus continue to get more serious, Kalvin Hackney, owner of Hackney Fitness, understands the sacrifices that he has to make in order to slow the spread.

“Did I want to close? Of course not! And I miss them! I miss them bad, I really do but I understand the reasoning and its worth the sacrifice.”

A shift in plans for Hackney Fitness and the regular clients have allowed for Kalvin to still hold everyone accountable. Like many other gyms, he uses social media to keep everyone in constant rotation.

“I’m actually making video for all of my clients. I’m making sure I’m hitting everybody up on an everyday basis, still making sure they’re doing the workout. Making sure they’re staying true to their diet but it’s hard right now. It’s different than being face-to-face but right now we can’t be that. So, you do the best with what you got.”

Kalvin says that he’s just concerned with everyone’s safety at this point. However, he’s very positive for what the future may bring for his business once this all ends.

“This business is going to be great. All other gym owners, you guys will be fine. The thing about being out so long, they’re going to be a lot of people who need us after being on that couch for three or four weeks.”

And most importantly…

“Keep praying and have faith in what you pray for. That’s the main thing. After I say Amen in whatever I ask for, I know he’s going to do it some kind of way. We’re going to get past this. We’re going to love each other more as a country and be smarter with ourselves as a country.”