Hotel Bentley Holiday Tree Honors Victims of Violence Nationwide

The holiday tree at the Hotel Bentley is a symbol for those who’ve lost lives to violence in the U.S.  ABC 31 News Joel Massey has more on why this cause was chosen.

The Hotel Bentley’s lobby is decked out for Christmas and the 22-foot tree in the center is dedicated this year to the memories of those lost to nationwide violence specifically mass shootings.

Scott Laliberte is president of Michael Jenkins Companies which owns the Hotel Bentley.  He said, “So this year you will see that there is a bunch of toys in the tree including full size tricycles, dump trucks, a radio flyer wagon, airplanes, and this year we’re dedicating the tree to all the memories and victims of nationwide violence specifically mass shootings throughout the country.  The holidays are a time of hope and joy and our country’s been saddened by all these mass shootings. So, we’re hopeful that guests can come to our lobby and see the tree, take a moment and remember those families that are celebrating holidays without their loved ones due to nationwide violence.”

Laliberte hopes guests who see the tree to take a moment and remember those lost to violence.

“We really just want them to pause and reflect and really remember what the season’s about and take a minute and reflect upon those families that are celebrating without their loved ones.  A light is shining bright in our lobby for those families throughout the country that are celebrating their first holiday season without their children and family members.”

Laliberte tells us about another opportunity that the Hotel Bentley offers.

“This year we also have a post card station where you can send a postcard to anyone in the country or anywhere you’d like.  You fill out the postcard.  We provide the postcard.  It’s got a beautiful photo of the holiday tree with a joyful message on the front.  Fill out the postcard, address it and we’ll mail those out to your family members and friends right here from the hotel. There’s also a second mailbox so if you want to write Santa Claus a letter you can go ahead and put that on a postcard, and we’ll get that to the North Pole for you all as well.”