High School students find joy in LSUA Robotics Competition

LSUA hosted a robotics competition for high school and middle school students.

Robotics taught students how to work as a team.


Students from all over the state worked hard to create their best robot.

They learned to program it and make it move with remotes.

Programmers like Jacob told us why it was important for him to be a part of this competition.


Jacob Craft and his team planned out every detail of the robots.

They collaborated with each other to win the most points.

He was proud to see their work come to life.


Dr. Tanya Lueder takes pride in helping students reach their full potential.

She is excited to see how creative they can be.

She hopes they can learn and have fun.


Jennifer Wright is proof that robotics is not just for guys.

She has won awards in 4 categories this year.

She is proud to be a part of an all-girls team.


Each team learned interviewing and problem-solving skills they can use in life.