Guy McLendon Appointed Vice Chair of Libertarian Party of Louisiana

GuyMcClendonRuston, Louisiana – The Libertarian Party of Louisiana (LPL) held their quarterly State Central Committee (SCC) meeting last weekend in Ruston. Foremost on the agenda was the appointment and confirmation of a new Vice Chairman.

Of the candidates vying for the position, LPL Chairman Scott Lewis appointed Guy McLendon as the new Vice-Chair for the party after which Mr. McLendon was unanimously confirmed by the SCC.

Mr. McLendon previously served three terms as the Chairman of the Houston county Libertarian Party and two terms as the state Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Texas and currently serves as the Louisiana Director of the Our America Initiative.

McLendon noted, “It’s vital the LPL be prepared to receive the avalanche of new activists who are abandoning the monopolistic two party system. The Democrats & Republicans have betrayed our nation, and Americans are realizing that more of the same will not yield different results.”

The Libertarian Party is currently the third largest political party in Louisiana and is the fastest growing party in the State, growing over 50% since this time last year. The Party is currently organizing on the parish level to begin seriously contesting local elections and will be recruiting candidates for congressional, legislative and statewide elections over the next two years. For more information on the LPL or its positions, visit